Monday, February 27, 2012

And the Countdown is on! 2012 NHL Trade Deadline preview!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. We are less than 12 hours from this seasons NHL Trade Deadline and I am as excited as ever! One word I could use to describe the trade deadline as is emotional, for all parties involved. Such a flurry of emotions are felt by coaches, GMs, players and fans alike. For some it is nerve-racking and for others it's optimistic, in some cases both.

Leading up to todays 3pm EST deadline there has been more surprising signings rather than trades which were on my top 5 players that will be traded(go figure). Here are two of them that had me scratching my head;

Tuomo Ruutu, LW/RW - Carolina Hurricanes

After the resigning of Tim Gleason it seemed as if Tuomo Ruutu was going to be on the move. With his name mentioned many times by nearly every media outlet it appeared Ruutu already had a foot out the door, and then, on February 22nd he resigned a 4 year $19 mil deal with the Hurricanes. This may open up possibilities to see a guy like Brenden Morrow moved, a very similar player to Ruutu in terms of scoring and physicality, something many NHL teams covet.

Ales Hemsky, RW - Edmonton Oilers

Another player I was shocked resigned was Ales Hemsky. Hemsky has been underachieving at best this season and missed the majority of the 10-11 season due to injury. Ales Hemsky by all rights should have been moved by the Oilers yet was resigned for 2 years at $10 mil total. With such a lack of depth on defence, both roster players and high-end prospects, I felt it was the perfect time for Edmonton to make a move for a d-man. I think a signing like this may make Magnus Paajarvi an expendable player, he was very hyped last season as a rookie and this year had hit the dreaded Sophomore slump. If Edmonton has an offer for a young stud d-man sending Paajarvi back the other way, I don't see them not pulling the trigger.

Today could shape up to be a significant day for some teams and an exciting day for fans. Stay tuned today as we are going to be blogging and tweeting a lot throughout the trade deadline. Keep checking back as we will post a list of buyers and sellers and players who have had their names thrown around in trade talks!

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