Sunday, January 29, 2012

Episode 1

       Here it is everybody. The first podcast from Leafs, Dinos, and Birds Oh My! We have been working on trying to get this up to the site and we have finally figured it out. In this first episode we talk about the Leafs playoff hopes and possible trade prospects, including some very out there trades. We also talk some Raptors and figure out what this team is going to do to get better. We also fire off some headlines from the past week including the Blue Jays signings, Prince Fielder going to Detroit and the infamous Tim Thomas skipping the White House scandal. We hope you all enjoy it. It is a little long so we broke it up into two parts and we are looking forward to doing this for you every week. Feel free to give us feed back as we are new at this but other then that enjoy.  Below is part one and I will upload part 2 in the next post.  Remember to follow us on twitter @leafsdinosbirds.

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  1. Not sure how I found this puke of a site but I'll say that this Zack guy knows what he's talking about on the podcast. He's not a total homer (I know it's a Toronto based blog but that's besides the point) makes legitimate points and has an actual vocabulary. Reminds me of a young Cybulski. Unlike that other guy. Go solo!

  2. You're entitled to your opinion, thanks for listening.

  3. Awesome stuff guys, this, to me fills a void in that there doesn't seem to be enough talk zoned in on Toronto sports. I really look forward to the next ones, some great dialogue here. All the best boys, go leafs go.